Company historybouwmeester vroeger foto 3 Bouwmeester BV started in 1956 and designed products to shipyards in the northern part of The Netherlands. In 1961 Bouwmeester produced the first official amphibious machine, with success. From that moment the company decided to make this the core business.  Through the years sales of these boats increased. The entire proces of building and develop a machine contruction due to Bouwmeester BV, without being dependent of any external organisation. After years mister Bouwmeester sold the liberties to mister Brondijk (current co-president) and mister Van Kalsbeek (the other current co-president). Both presidents want to go back to the level where Bouwmeester belongs, among the top amphibious machines of the market. The new B-Flo must respond to this company target. Future goalsKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Both Bouwmeester BV participants have a positive view about the company’s future. The B-Flo machine is a model which is linked to market research. The B-Flo response to the whished and needs of water regulatory authorities, local authorities, dealers and companies. Analysis give us a overview about the changing market conditions, current amphibious products, trends and developments. The B-Flo is designed based on knowledge and expertise by specialists combined with added product features.